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Since 1980, the partners of Milliron Goodman have provided effective government relations and desired results for our clients.

It Matters to You, It Matters to Us

New legislation can be critically important to your business, industry, or organization. Milliron Goodman provides the experience and expertise to advance your position while advocating on your behalf in a clear, concise way in order to achieve your desired goals.

We will develop effective strategies and innovative tactics to educate leaders, guide public discourse, and help our clients achieve success through the legislative process.
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Harrisburg Lobbying Services

Working at the intersection of business and government, Milliron Goodman takes pride in providing big-firm reach, strong relationships, and proven results with the kind of personal attention and commitment you can only get from an independent, bipartisan firm.

Because of its distinguished and successful beginnings, the team at Milliron Goodman know the history of many issues that come before the Legislature. Knowing how and when these laws and regulations came about enables us to forecast an issue’s outcome. The firm’s depth of knowledge, trusted relationships, and unparalleled experience helps it to develop the most effective solutions for your needs.
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Capitol in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Political Action Committees

Political Action Committees can be invaluable to a politically active organization, but are the least understood component in the political process. While a PAC's main goal is to provide vital funding to campaigns, Political Action Committee contributions assist in raising the level of awareness about important issues. In doing so, we enable Legislators to make intelligent, more informed decisions. 

From development of a budget and fundraising plan, to ensuring that your Political Action Committee fully complies with laws and regulations, the professionals at Milliron Goodman offer expert guidance throughout the whole process.
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Connections to Get the Job Done

"PMTA could not accomplish what Milliron Goodman does on our behalf. The staff is extremely responsive and always there for us no matter what day of the week or the time of day. They are always willing to tell our members’ story. Milliron Goodman has all the right connections to get the job done."
Joe Butzer, Interim President of Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association

Grassroots Initiatives

Time and time again, experience has proven that localizing an issue is among the most effective ways to get the attention of a Legislator. Having a well developed and nurtured grassroots initiative is fundamental to a successful lobbying strategy. 

The professionals at Milliron Goodman take a hands-on approach when developing and managing a grassroots initiative for our clients. A knowledgeable informed client base provides a powerful network that helps Legislators and their staff “connect the dots” between an issue and how it will impact their constituents. 
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Tracking Issues

Our team of legislative professionals will read, analyze and track every new bill and proposed regulation that could affect our clients.

Not a day goes by that a member of our team isn’t seen in the Capitol. Whether this is attending a committee meeting, listening to testimony at a hearing, or obtaining news off the floor of the House or Senate, our team is on top of your issue in all areas of public policy and legislation.

You are kept informed of any updates on the latest information with reports and communications that pertain to your issue.
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Drafting Legislation

The ability to successfully draft and guide a bill through the legislative process, ensuring all aspects and procedural requirements are met, is a key component to our client's success.

Andy has mastered the ability to organize and lead legislative initiatives in the committees of Licensure, Health, Agriculture, Transportation, and Consumer Affairs. His clear, concise communication of an issue has provided the critical analysis needed for drafting legislation. He works regularly with Department policy makers to develop and implement regulations that create an improved business or healthcare environment for our clients.

Every member of the Milliron Goodman team is a seasoned political professional with experience in the legislative process.
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Drafting Legislation at a Desk with a Pen

Strategic Communications

Every one of our client’s strategic communications plan is uniquely designed to complement and enhance our government relations efforts by amplifying the reach and impact of our messaging. We combine innovative thinking with common sense solutions to create synergistic strategies that deliver results. 

Our core services include public and legislative outreach, media relations, graphic design, website design, event planning, digital communications, social media management, crisis communications, media training, and member outreach. These are carefully woven into a tailored strategy to meet the exact needs of an organization and can easily adapt to the ever-changing political climate.
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